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  1. notamint says:

    Gold Cardamom Fruitas is the best product I have ever tried! I can chew on it twice as long as most gums and it is super at freshening my breath!

    Love it! Love it! Love it!



  3. Anonymous says:

    After hearing that KLG Spice Gold Cardamom Fruitas would cut the bitterness of brewed coffee, I did some experimenting. Based on my personal preferences, here are my results:

    1) I let one pod steep in 6 oz. of hot coffee for 5, 7 and 10 min. 5 min. was ok, 7 min. was better, and 10 min. was perfect. I also let it steep for 15 min., and noted no difference from 10 min. I did leave the pod in the coffee as I drank it. The fruitas did neutralize the bitterness. An unexpected pleasant result was the cardamom-saffron flavor lingered in my mouth as if I had chewed the fruitas.
    2) Because I like both Cinnamon Coffee and Cardamom Cinnamon herbal tea, I added one pod and scant 1/8 tsp cinnamon to 6 oz. of hot coffee. Unlike herbal tea, both the coffee, cardamom and saffron seemed to compete with the cinnamon, resulting in a weird, unpleasant taste.
    3) I also attempted an iced version of the coffee with the Fruitas. After letting a pod steep for 10 min. in 6 oz. hot coffee, I let it come to room temp, and then chilled it. It was pretty good, even when poured over ice.

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