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Our Story

Ganesha began in 2007 as a small import business specializing in Indian spices and goods founder Karunesh Gupta operated from his garage. Soon it grew out of the garage and into one room in the house, then two rooms.

When it kept growing, "my wife kicked me out of the house," Gupta said.

The story repeated itself in a space on a dock a business acquaintance provided. Ganesha outgrew the dock and was given space inside the dock and then outgrew that space.

Gupta opened a distribution center first in Reno, then Sparks, selling products from his website,, and through a few local shops. The distribution center has since moved to Carson City, Nevada.

"I decided to bring the manufacturing here in the United States," he said. "It's reverse logistics. We will sell to the guys we used to buy from."

Products distributed by Ganesha include cardamom, saffron, supari betel nuts, mukhwas, pan masala and other food products, plus nonfood products like henna, natural hair color, and face creams.

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