KLG is dedicated to creating innovative products, promoting the wellness and health of the global community while maintaining environmental responsibility.

Fruit snacks made with REAL fruit!

KLG is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality fruit snack products! Made with natural ingredients and real fruit and superfoods like Papaya, Mango, and Dates, our fruit snacks are healthy and delicious!

Check out our KLG Kitchen page for recipes and ways to use our products! They're so much more than a snack!

Gold Cardamom! World's first natural spice breath freshener!

KLG's Gold Cardamom products are THE most versatile product in the WORLD! It's a natural spice breath freshener with hidden talents!


  1. Add 1 pod to your tea or coffee for a flavor boost of Cardamom, Saffron, and Turmeric!
  2. Add to any flavored beverage to reap the benefits our our natural spice ingredients!
  3. Grind or cook into any recipe which calls for any combination of Cardamom saffron or Turmeric!
  4. Top your BBQ before grilling or baking!
  5. Garnish any cake, pastry, or desert dish with the beautiful 24k edible gold covered Gold Cardamom product!
  6. Use it to freshen your breath and fight dental decay with Cardamom's natural antimicrobial properties!

Not sure which one to try first? May we suggest both!